LOUISE APPLEBOME, Certified Yoga Instructor

 Louise has enjoyed robust careers in marketing, event planning, retail, arts management and journalism. In 2007, she shifted gears to earn her National Yoga Alliance teaching certification and to open her own Yoga studio. She is so grateful for the emotional and physical health benefits and balance Yoga brings to her life and for the opportunity to share those benefits with others. 
Louise studied ballet and modern dance for many years and incorporates that grace and precision into her practice and teaching. She also stresses play, laughter and lightness.

 In Louise's Restorative Yoga classes, students are able to experience pure bliss in supported poses that energize and circulate the breath, and lengthen and brighten the spine.  Restorative Yoga is a full-body experience of release and relaxation.  Stress melts away from the muscles and the joints.  The heart opens.  Ahhhhh.

Vinyasa Flow classes offer an opportunity for greater movement and experimentation.  These classes offer a more vigorous “workout,” along with the essentials of breath work, relaxation and openings present in all styles of Yoga.

Louise also teaches Chair Yoga to older adults and Gentle Yoga.  Her vibrant personality, keen awareness of the body and movement, and caring qualities translate into a positive addition to anyone's "wellness" program. 

Louise derives enormous mind- body-spirit benefits from yoga and looks forward to guiding you along an equally satisfying journey. All ages and all ability levels will feel the power that yoga postures (asana), breathing, and meditation offer.  Louise unabashedly credits yoga with changing her life. Come join  her on the yoga mat and see the impact a yoga practice can have on you.