CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Serene, intimate yoga studio for all ages and ability levels. Privates or small-group classes offered . Schedule a single class or a series. Sign up for a private class or form a group of up to six people to enjoy the experience with others. Classes can also be taught at your home or location of your choice.

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GENTLE YOGA: Stretching, strength and serenity.  Essential yoga for keeping bodies fit and functioning.  

VINYASA FLOW: Combines relaxation and stretching with a cardio workout, strength building, and the joy and ease of movement and play.

RESTORATIVE: Great at any time of the day, restorative yoga is a passive practice. Students "rest" in supported poses using props for comfort and ease. The spine, muscles, joints and bones get much-needed release and relief. There is no strain, no effort. Much of the focus is on the breath. Poses include forward bends (cooling) back bends (heating) and twists (cleansing). Students stay in each pose for about 10 minutes. Restorative yoga promotes calm, balance, a clear mind and a supple body.

CHAIR YOGA: Relaxing and rejuvenating Chair Yoga is done seated in a chair or standing and holding on to the back of the chair. Promotes reduced tension, improved mobility, balance and flexibility, increased strength and bone mass. Each pose and movement can be modified to suit different skill levels. This class will benefit everyone !

PRIVATE: Customized sessions to address students' preferences and needs. Focus can be on meditation and breathing, or working up an intense sweat. Individual attention helps students learn and refine the postures, and discover optimum ways to benefit from this long-established exploration of mind, body and spirit.


PLAN A RETREAT, GET-AWAY: Louise leads a class, above, at a retreat in South Penobscot, Maine. Plan a relaxing get-away and let Louise provide yoga classes for you and your group. Here, students relax and completely surrender -- the final pose of their daily yoga practice. Ahhhhh...